Wicetec Ice Prevention System

Download the Ice Prevention System brochure here: Wicetec IPS description

The system is based on electro-thermal heating of wind turbine blade surfaces. The blade heating elements are unique combination of electro-mechanical engineering. The main parts of the system are:

  • Heating elements
  • Temperature sensors
  • Blade cabinets in each blade root, creating lightning protection boundary
  • Nacelle control cabinet, being the “brains” of the system and an interface towards the wind turbine
  • Ice detection is taken care by commercial ice detector(s) and a combination of weather and operational signals
  • Wicetec’s Farm Control and Service Support Center enables higher level control and O&M support


Ice Prevention System


IPS Heating Elements

Blade heating elements

The effective electro-thermal heating elements are made of carbon fabric with suitable mechanical properties for the loads in wind turbine blades. The carbon fabric heating elements enables high power density which is required in anti-icing operation. Temperature of heating elements is controlled and there is not risk of overheating of blade.

The heating elements are assembled in blade factory as a part of the blade manufacturing process. In this way high quality is achieved in terms of electrical properties and blade aerodynamics. In case of a blade damage the heating element is reparable.

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Blade heating elements, no effect on aerodynamicsBreakLightning protection

Lightning protection of IPS is coordinated together with the blade and wind turbine lightning protection. Wind turbine lightning protection have to fulfill requirements of IEC 61400-24 standard to incorporate IPS successfully. Control and blade cabinets and cabling are protected according to IEC 62305 series.


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