What are the Benefits of Wicetec’s Ice Prevention System?

Wicetec’s Ice Prevention System for wind turbines (IPS) improves wind power project economy in two different ways:

1. Reducing uncertainty

Uncertainty minimised and energy production increased with ice prevention or anti-icing system.The uncertainty of long term energy production is everything in wind energy project development phase. Banks assumes always the worst case scenario when financing a wind energy project. The bigger the uncertainty, the more expensive the loan is or less loan can be get. Icing of wind turbines increases this uncertainty. IPS can minimise “ice induced uncertainty”, which affect directly to the bankability of the project!

2. Increasing availability

IPS increases a wind turbine’s availability in areas where atmospheric icing occurs. Moreover, this increase happens when winds1 and electricity prices2 are highest. These, time and revenue based availabilities respectively, lead to increase in energy production and increase in revenues of the wind energy producer.

Increase of availability is based on two factors;

  • the carefully designed aerodynamics of a modern wind turbine blades are maintained despite of  icing.
  • the stoppages of a wind turbine due to vibrations and imbalance are minimised.

1 Typically more wind energy is available during winter months than summer months. Winter months are often windier and lower air temperature increases the air density hence the air flow contains more energy.

2 Electricity demand is higher in winter time due to lower air temperatures and need for heating, which increase price of electricity. More information can be found from Nord Pool